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Understanding the Business Market and Sales Opportunities for Insurance Agents and Financial Planners – A Three Part Series

Complete 3 Part Webinar Series plus Materials For the Price of Two!

Understanding the Business Market and Sales Opportunities for Insurance Agents and Financial Planners – A Three Part Series

Financial planners and insurance agents are gravitating toward the business market more and more.  With more advisors working with business owners, it is critical that you understand the differences in business entity types in order to properly advise your clients and uncover all the planning opportunities.  Advisors who lack knowledge in this growing area will be left behind.  It is important to understand the legal and tax differences between the various entity types to best advise clients and find sales opportunities.

Their three-part series is designed to get you quickly up to speed and will cover the following topics:

Part 1 - Legal Structure and Issues (November 22 @ 1pm ET)

  1. The differences between Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations, and Limited Liability Companies
  2. Review certain aspects of the Revised Model Business Corporation Act, Uniform Partnership Act, and Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act
  3. Review the formation requirements for each type of entity
  4. Review the administrative and management requirements for each type of entity, including the ease of operation
  5. Review the owners’ ability to raise capital (debt vs. equity)
  6. Review the owners’ ability to transfer their ownership interests and the continuity of the business entity
  7. Cover an owner’s personal liability depending on the type of entity
  8. Summarize the pros and cons of each type of entity


Part 2 - Tax Differences Between Entities (December 6 @ 1pm ET)

  1. Review C Corporation taxation under Subchapter C
  2. Review S Corporation Taxation under Subchapter S, including what rules under Subchapter C apply to S Corporations
  3. Review Partnership Taxation and highlight the flexibility provided under Subchapter K
  4. Discuss Limited Liability Companies and how they are taxed (partnership, corporation, or disregarded entity)
  5. What are the Employment Tax Considerations under each type of entity
  6. Life insurance payable to partnerships, C-corps, and S-corps, and how life insurance impacts S-corps accumulated adjustments account (AAA) and other adjustments account (OAA)
  7. Basis implementation
  8. A Comparison of the different taxation types
  9. 199A Planning Considerations impacting entity selection


Part 3 - Insurance Applications and Sales Opportunities (December 19 @ 1pm ET)

    • Key Person Life Insurance and the tax impact depending on the type of entity
    • Employer Owned Life Insurance rules and keeping the death benefit income tax-free
    • Buy-Sell Agreement Insurance Funding and techniques to maximize basis increases for remaining owners
    • Using pre-tax qualified retirement plan contributions to purchase Life Insurance in the plan
    • Life Insurance as a nonqualified executive benefit, including executive bonus plans, nonqualified deferred compensation, retention bonus plans, and split-dollar life insurance
    • Tax implications of rolling a policy out when unwinding a buy-sell agreement or nonqualified deferred compensation plan

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