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This suite of tools from LISI is designed to help professionals with federal estate tax calculations. The tools include:

1) An estate tax calculator to perform a quick 2018 federal estate tax calculation; and


2) A more robust estate tax calculator where users can input data for a married couple (or just one individual) and calculate the federal estate tax due, as well as the capital gain on assets sold at a surviving spouse's death that are not eligible for a step-up in basis, providing the ability to change:

  • the years of death of the spouses, which updates the corresponding estate tax exemption for the applicable year of death based on the inflation rate entered, also taking into account the sunset of the current exemption under TCJA in 2026;
  • the inflation rate for the estate tax exemption;
  • the rate of return on assets; and
  • the federal capital gain tax rate.
  • This estate tax calculator also provides the ability to model a couple taking a full marital deduction and electing portability at the first spouseā??s death versus funding a bypass trust equal to the federal estate tax exemption, showing the estate taxes and capital gain taxes under each scenario.

The Estate Tax & Portability Analysis will also help advisors model out the federal estate tax exposure for various years of death after 2018. For example, changing the year of death to 2026 will utilize the lower $5M exemption (indexed for inflation) and can help demonstrate to a client why planning while the exemption is higher is important.

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