October 20, 2017
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm ET
Estate and Financial Planning Nuggets for a Time of Turmoil!

Join Marty Shenkman and host Steve Leimberg in this 60-minute special LISI webinar where they will cover the following topics:

1. Why and How to structure irrevocable trusts to include an array of non-traditional provisions such as a loan director, hybrid DAPT, LPOA convertible to GPOA, and trust protector with broad powers to address tax uncertainty,

2. What to do about GRATs in an uncertain environment - and why to ask, "What is at the backend of your client's GRAT?"

3. Why and How to repurpose existing irrevocable trusts and transform frogs into trust princes with via decanting or a non-judicial modification, e.g. transform an old minimally useful trust into a new ILIT. If you sell life insurance, this could be an incredible marketing tool.

4. How to address a looming problem too few planners are taking action on: financial conflicts for aging clients - including: Who is (or should be) in charge of what - and what to do about agents under POA, successor trustee on revocable trust, Social Security Representative Payee, long term care insurance lapse designee, joint owner of a bank or brokerage account, etc.

5. Why your client should be re-considering gift provisions under existing durable POAs and Revocable trusts - and why you may want to think about precluding gifts to minimize elder financial abuse - or permitting gifts to minimize state inheritance or estate tax - or expressly authorizing larger gifts to facilitate planning and avoid a Powell issue.

6. Trust protectors - Can a trust protector's power to remove and replace trustees be used to bifurcate the trustee into a general, investment and insurance trustee position? Should revocable trusts include a trust protector?

7. Ethics Opinion 477 now reflects the now common use of tech such as tablet devices, smartphones, and cloud storage. What changes do you need to make in your retainer agreement and other client communications and documentation to reflect this?

Your registration will entitle you to: 1) the handout materials and 2) Within 24 hours after the webinar, we'll automatically provide you with a link that will enable you to view it at your convenience - as often as you'd like.

Note: There will be no CE credit for Marty and Steve's webinar.


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