‘Tis the Season for Gift Planning: Planning for lifetime transfers BEFORE Year-End 2020, A Special Rebroadcast

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Will Uncle Sam be the Primary Beneficiary of Your Clients’ Estates?

The golden age of gifting is here now! 2020 provides gift and estate planning opportunities that can be taken advantage of before year-end. It is urgent that you connect with clients now to avoid missing out on the best tax planning options that may disappear after this year. For 2020, the estate and gift exemption is $11,580,000 per person ($23,160,000 per couple). The exemption can and should be used for lifetime gifts for wealthier clients who are more likely to be subject to a future estate tax.

The Gifting Math Shows Big Tax Savings

Learn exactly what to tell clients and why taking action now is so critical. This program not only goes through the three tiers of tax-exempt gifting, but also illustrates with clear examples how taxable gifts can save millions in taxes. The math is undeniable.

Provide High-Value Service to Affluent Clients

High-net-worth clients are always looking for simple ways to transfer wealth to their children and grandchildren tax efficiently—without getting involved in more complex trust and estate planning. This program provides easy, yet compelling and often overlooked solutions to implement immediately. If you are not addressing this with your current client, some other advisor is! See and hear how to explain these concepts to your top clients so they understand them well enough to explain to their family and friends – your future clients. You will be doing them a valuable service and look brilliant in the process.

This program features nationally recognized CPA, Ed Slott, taking you through the best year-end gifting strategies, including:

  • The strategies that can enable your high-net-worth clients to instantly pocket millions in estate and income tax savings
  • The 4 big tax benefits of gifting – clients will want all 4, once you show them how
  • The 3 tiers of tax-exempt gifting, and why many of these opportunities are routinely missed
  • The biggest and easiest wealth transfer vehicle in the Tax Code
  • How to exploit tax-free tuition gifting based on IRS rulings. (Hint: It’s not just for college!)
  • Unprecedented business succession planning opportunities are in play right now, but maybe not for long
  • How to reduce exposure to or eliminate state estate taxes through year-end gifting
  • How to lock in today’s generous gift and estate tax exemptionsbefore they are reduced(Even IRS says it’s ok—use it or lose it!)
  • Gifting cautions – it depends on the property
  • Roth conversion ideas that can create tax-free gifts
  • Family tree gifting ideas
  • How to address clients’ practical concerns about gifting, including control and beneficiary issues
  • Why targeted gifting is appealing to grandparents and parents
  • How to communicate the absolute urgency of these gift and estate planning strategies so that clients and prospects will act on these planning moves now – that’s when everyone wins!

Plus – client-friendly charts you can use to explain these strategies

Most important:

  • How to lock in the future growth of your business by using this unprecedented time to create long-lasting value and loyalty – the key to long-term success in any business
  • CPAs, attorneys and financial advisors have an immediate opportunity to provide valuable planning strategies needed now by clients with growing estates.
  • The advice you share now can impact the clients and their families for years, decades and generations.
  • How will the people relying on you remember you after this year?
  • Did you ignore them or step up and come through for them?
  • Clients and prospects will forever remember how their advisors stepped up to help them during these challenging times. They will also remember those who didn’t, and business and relationships will be lost.
  • Now is the time to provide value and reinforce it by sharing these strategies and being the reassuring voice of reason they need at this time.

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