Avoiding Estate and Trust Litigation and Disputes

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This 60 minute presentation will provide a number of innovative and
easy to implement strategies that advisors can use to reduce the risk and
impact of estate and trust disputes while providing trust language, client
friendly charts and other valuable materials.
This interesting and fast moving Webinar will include the following:
1.  A client friendly checklist and questionnaire to educate clients and advisors
 on circumstances that call for special measures so that clients can appreciate 
appropriate extra measures. 
2.  Trust language and special provisions that can be used in trusts to
prevent amendments without verification of appropriate circumstance,
to allow a "Scrivener Protector" or Trust Protectors to amend a trust
as a special trust to correct clerical errors and ambiguities. 
3.  Mediation and Arbitration language and strategies along with beneficiary
signed release and Arbitration requirements that can be used to reduce the
risk or impact of trust or estate litigation. 
4.  Trust language to exclude beneficiaries whose "exception creditors"
might be able to reach into a trust from being considered to be beneficiaries. 
5.  Reviewing jurisdictions that a Trust can be formed in or move to in order to
reduce risk and allow for in terror em clauses and waivers of accountings
for problematic beneficiaries.
6.  Conflict of interest issues, conflict waivers, lawyers serving as fiduciaries
and lawyer client privilege issues.
And much more

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Alan S. Gassman is a lawyer practicing in Clearwater, Florida with the law firm of Gassman, Crotty & Denicolo, P.A. Alan has a Post-Master's Degree (LL.M.) in taxation from the University of Florida, and is a board-certified trust and estate lawyer. Alan will speak on Creative Planning Using IRC Sections 199A and 1202 at the 44th Annual Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute in South Bend, Indiana on October 11th and 12th. The brochure on this year's Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute can be viewed at this link: 44th Annual Notre Dame Tax & Estate Planning Institute.


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