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Life Insurance Planning After TCJA

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In their exclusive LISI Webinar, Lee Slavutin and Marty Shenkman will cover the following topics:

      • The new tax law impacts life insurance planning in 3 ways –

        • The gift/GST exemption has doubled. It is $11.4 million in 2019 and will increase with inflation until 2025. It is scheduled to return to the pre-2018 amount, adjusted for inflation, in 2026.

          • Clients will be encouraged to make gifts in the next 7 years to take advantage of this temporary increase

          • These gifts can be used to prefund an existing or new insurance trust and avoid annual gifts and Crummey letters

          • The gifts can also be used to exit from old split dollar and premium finance arrangements

          • Gifts can enable life insurance in a retirement plan to be removed from the insured’s estate

        • The maximum tax rate for C corporations is 21% and the corporate AMT has been repealed.

          • Split dollar arrangements in C corporations will become more popular

        • The income tax rules for life settlement transactions have changed

          • Some clients may be able to obtain income tax refunds

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