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You are on the NAEPC home page for LISI, Leimberg Information Services, Inc. LISI provides Steve Leimberg's ESTATE PLANNING newsletter, written by Ronald D. Aucutt, Jonathan Blattmachr, Robert F. Collins, Dan Evans, Owen G. Fiore, Alan S. Gassman, L Paul Hood, Jerry Kasner, Michel Nelson, Charles L. Ratner, Howard M. Zaritsky, Steven J. Oshins, Robert Colvin and myself, and our EMPLOYEE BENEFITS AND RETIREMENT PLANNING newsletter written by attorney Natalie Choate, Noel C. Ice, John McFadden, Robert S. Keebler, Alvin D. Lurie, Bruce D. Steiner, and Ed Slott, our BUSINESS ENTITIES newsletter by Professors Lisa Starczewski and James Edward Maule, our ASSET PROTECTION PLANNING newsletter by Alexander A. Bove Jr., Gideon Rothschild, our Charitable Planning Newsletter by Johnine Hays, Larry Katzenstein, Jerry J. McCoy, and Bob LeClair’s FINANCIAL PLANNING newsletter. LISI now also provides LawThreads® edited by Andrew J. DeMaio. Barry Picker serves as Technical-editor of LISI's Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning Newsletter.

These will remain the site’s key features - and we will continue to use these four newsletters to deliver fast, frank, and incisive analysis of proposed and recent legislation, cases and rulings directly to you by e-mail. But now, the hundreds of cases and rulings and legislation we’ve already reported on - and all of those in the future - will be even more useful and instantly accessible because of an incredibly powerful search engine that will allow you to locate specific topics, references, and citations of particular interest to you and your clients. Sign-up is easy. Just hit the button above to get started. Questions? Look to the right of my photo.

Steve Leimberg


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